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X Marks the Spot: This week’s TEDx Talks

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An amazing image from the TEDxSummit. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

An amazing image from the TEDxSummit. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Each week, TEDx chooses four of our favorite talkshighlighting just a few of the enlightening speakers from the TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. Below, give this week’s talks a listen.

Dyslexia doesn’t define me: Piper Otterbein at TEDxYouth@CEHS
Growing up with dyslexia, Piper Otterbein struggled to master things like learning multiplication tables and reading books. But now, as a high school graduate, she’s realized that the best path in life is to harness the creative powers she already has. (Filmed at TEDxYouth@CEHS)

The power of imagination: Caine Monroy at TEDxTeen
Last year, Caine Monroy became the subject of a viral video after a filmmaker visited the giant cardboard arcade he built in his father’s car repair shop. Now, Caine shares his story in this heartwarming talk. (Filmed at TEDxTeen)

Greatness is a decision: Byron Reese at TEDxAustin
What is that indefinable “x” factor that makes great people different from the rest of us? Is it political connections? Upbringing? Intelligence? Actually, it’s none of the above, says author Byron Reese. Through his research of great leaders throughout time, he’s discovered that the only key factor to greatness is simply the willingness to make a change. (Filmed at TEDxAustin)

Grief in the line of duty: Jennifer Allara at TEDxScottAFB
Trapped in a firefight in Afghanistan, Master Sgt. Jennifer Allara suffered the loss of a close crewmember. At TEDxScottAFB, she shares the emotional rollercoaster she experienced after the incident and offers advice for anyone going through a hard time: “It gets better.” (Filmed at TEDxScottAFB)

Below, find some highlights from the TEDx blog this week: