Ze Frank and his wikicomedy

Zefrank_1There’s been a lot of talk in TED HQ lately about The Show. That is, Ze Frank’s show. The one he writes, films and posts each weekday, as a result of a New Year’s resolution. (Many of you will remember Ze’s resolutions from TED2005). With this new daily format, Ze’s really hit his stride. But over the last few weeks, he’s stumbled on yet another winning idea: recruiting viewers to write the show for him.

Tired of virtual heckling, he invited the nay-sayers to come up with a script (If you’re so funny, YOU write the show.) What’s resulted is a sort of wiki-comedy, where fans collaborate to put words in Ze’s mouth (and props on his lap). Their freshman effort: Fabuloso Friday may be more fascinating than funny, per se. But we’re staying tuned for more. And we’re not the only ones: This entertaining profile of Ze and The Show (complete with the photo at left) snagged a front-page slot on the NYT Sunday Styles section.