The iPod of Toilets

Posted by: Tedconfjune

LovegrovetoiletThe Swiss newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung (NZZ) is among the world’s best, and perhaps the least prone to hyperbole. Yet this Sunday’s edition raved about British designer Ross Lovegrove (TED2005) and his latest project, “Liquid Space,” a line of bathroom furniture and fixtures for Istanbul-based VitrA. Lovegrove fascinated us last February in Monterey, with his organic forms and high-tech materials; this new line fits right in. NZZ described Lovegrove’s commode as “The iPod of toilets: so elegant, so chic, so smooth that it could easily make the list of must-have lifestyle products. Could it be a lounge toilet?” (Tip and German translation from Bruno Giussani)

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  • June Cohen commented on Dec 12 2005

    Great link, Jim. Thanks! I found this bit intriguing:

    The iPod has become—in the minds of most of our clients—the example of great product design. We found ourselves constantly trying to figure out why everybody we asked perceived the iPod as being “clean.” More…

    And also his conclusion that people perceive the iPod as clean because it references the sleek whiteness of a porcelain bathroom. That also makes this an amusing feedback loop of influences: Toilet inspires iPod. iPod inspires toilet.