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Twitter Snapshot: Ross Lovegrove's organic, elegant designs


Industrial designer Ross Lovegrove delved into his design philosophy of organic essentialism. Lovegrove strips down his designs to their essence to create, he jokes, “good, sensible Welsh stuff”, alluding to his Welsh upbringing that emphasized economy and efficiency. Lovegrove extricates himself from the fear of failure and seeks out the impossible in his designs. The []

Watch TEDTalks from speakers at the upcoming TEDGlobal 2009


From TEDGlobal’s speaker list of more than 90 — including 18-minute talks, demos and TED U courses — 13 of our scheduled speakers already have TEDTalks online from previous TEDs and partners. To find them, check out our new theme, Speaking at TEDGlobal 2009, and watch archive gems from these returning speakers. All of these []

Trend-spotting with Murray Moss


Whether you’re surveying a new season of design offerings, or simply considering a new set of spoons, you might find yourself wondering: WWMMD? What would Murray Moss Do? Moss (TED2002) curates one of the world’s great collections of inspired objets in his eponymous SoHo store. You’ll get a sense of where he’s heading from this []