Twitter Snapshot: Ross Lovegrove's organic, elegant designs

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Industrial designer Ross Lovegrove delved into his design philosophy of organic essentialism. Lovegrove strips down his designs to their essence to create, he jokes, “good, sensible Welsh stuff”, alluding to his Welsh upbringing that emphasized economy and efficiency. Lovegrove extricates himself from the fear of failure and seeks out the impossible in his designs. The Twitter audience appreciates the simple beauty of Lovegrove’s philosophy and designs:

Ross Lovegrove is speaking freshly about his approach to organic design, at #TED Global. More captivating than other times I have seen him. — markwhiting

“I don’t know why people paint things” Ross Lovegrove at #TED – an approach I quite like. The elegance of what is there. :-)markwhiting

Ross Lovegrove: a bicycle called SKIN viewed from above looks like a strange insect. The bike has a cover over the open spaces! — kokoe2

“If you keep a straight face long enough in Japan, you get whatever you want.” Sounds *awesome*.nothingelseis

Lightweight bags that look like they have been formed by having air blown into them. Who would have thought luggage could be so coolWiredUK

Check out Ross Lovegrove’s previous talk on organic design on ted.com. Also, let us know how your thoughts compare on Twitter: @TEDGlobal.