Jennifer Lin on Oprah

Posted by: Chris Anderson

Jenniferlin_1Not being a regular viewer of Oprah, I somehow missed this a couple weeks’ back. An appearance by the remarkable pianist Jennifer Lin. Two years ago, when she was just 14, she lit up the TED Conference with an astonishing improvisation. (Click the second link on this page.)  Her Oprah appearance included some brief clips from that TED performance, and a second improvisation in which Oprah (instead of Goldie Hawn) drew the notes from which she played.  Ah, Jennifer, we miss you!

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  • Sean Welker commented on May 28 2009

    Child prodigies are always fascinating. Mozart toured Europe under the age of 10, playing for foreign dignitaries and heads of state – and they’re always amazing. Another one starting to come up through the ranks is a kid that got discovered on MySpace. Justin Bieber, a 15 year old kid form Florida, is already signed to Island Records and is being mentored by Usher, who was barely 18 – not yet a spring chicken – when he first broke out and started shipping a lot of albums. He’s a decent singer – he doesn’t do anything cool like play guitar or anything – but if Usher’s career is any kind of indicator, and with his direction, that young man ought to go places and do a lot of things. Hopefully he’s smart with any money he makes, as a lot of child prodigies don’t always come to the best of ends.
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