Thomas Barnett's bracing talk on the future of war, on TED.com

Posted by: Tedstaff

Strategic planner Thomas P.M. Barnett has advised US leaders on national security since the end of the Cold War. In this bracingly honest — and very funny — talk, Barnett outlines a solution for the foundering US military: Break it in two. One half makes war, and the other half builds the peace that follows. Spontaneous applause and a standing ovation underscore what Barnett said on his blog: “Probably the best 20 minutes of speaking I have ever done.” (Recorded February 2005 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 23:53) Read Thomas Barnett’s profile on TED.com

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Comments (3)

  • wazer alwazer commented on Dec 18 2008

    Thomas Barnett’s mind well
    And a very good description
    There is no winner in war
    The country lost the war, which has set up economic and human
    As well as the country’s warrior
    The country is good that you see to avoid war and make a diplomatic solution and impartial resolution is a first and last
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  • Frank Hartline commented on Jan 18 2008

    Dr Barnett’s original strategic thinking is always insightful. He deftly describes the globalizing world and our increasingly complex security requirements in the 21st Century. Going from description to prescription, however, his black and white or, if you prefer, red and blue world crumbles. He continues to chase the chimera of Pax Americana – keeping the world safe for democracy by even more guns and butter for the empire. Our experiences in Iraq should have taught us by now that this is, to use ADM Sharpe’s term for Vietnam, a Strategy For Failure.

  • Phil Knight commented on Jun 16 2007

    A manifesto for empire building; sick, sick, sick, sick!