The bad news about the news: Alisa Miller on

Posted by: Tedstaff

Alisa Miller, head of Public Radio International, talks about why — though we want to know more about the world than ever — the US news media is actually showing less. Eye-opening stats and graphs. (Recorded March 2008 in Monterey, California. Duration: 4:29.)

Watch Alisa Miller’s talk on, where you can download it, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances.

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Comments (4)

  • Ned Baker commented on May 20 2008

    Disappointing clip. It could be a prelude to an interesting discussion, but in itself contained almost no useful content. Miller never even alluded to the real challenges confronting journalism that have lead to the closing of those foreign news bureaus. There is a fascinating debate going on today about the future of journalism — is Alisa Miller aware?

    The worst moment of the video was the conceited, knowing laughter of the audience following her mention of the narrowness of news media. I wanted to smack the smug smile off the room’s figurative face! And I’m one of the ones who think old media should rightfully die off!

  • Hans Gutbrod commented on May 18 2008

    answer to my own question: the software/map template is — very impressive.

  • Hans Gutbrod commented on May 18 2008

    does anybody know where that map can be found? And is there a software that allows updates to it? I have been searching (with good Google skills) for an hour, but no luck so far.

  • Joe Dickinson commented on May 15 2008

    I am really disappointed with the “news” talk on ted.

    What is it that we accomplish by knowing about the world exactly, knowing information doesn’t necessarily result in anything “good or bad” about the information, and the information will pass.
    I want to say how poorly the idea of “knowing” about current events in the world is important. It’s NOT important to know the catastrophies of the world, shit happens.

    It is only important to know current events on the world when we as “users” of news seek it out, and happily cnn, foxnews, google news provides that informatio redily to those that want it.

    How much more useless information do we really need to be part of our lives, to feel connected.
    The outsourcing jobs that are in India, directly affect my work, and that is news that rarely gets reported. The illegal aliens that affect people all around me rarely gets reported. Why is that being LEFT OUT of our news, and crap that happens in Africa, a 3rd world country seems to be more important?

    Anyway, this is the first TED video I have seen so far that I thought was totally worthless.
    Jugglers are much more interesting.