Wii Remote theremin

Posted by: Matthew Trost

In an ingenious geek-out that’s almost too perfectly suited for TED, designer Ken Moore presents a much-anticipated hack of the Nintendo Wii Remote: a theremin.

It seems to be a nearly serendipitous merger of TEDTalks by thereminist Pamelia Kurstin and Wii hacker Johnny Lee. Has anyone seen other hybridized Ideas Worth Spreading (coincidental or not)? Leave us a comment.

(Via Boing Boing and a zillion others.)

Comments (5)

  • David Slevin commented on Oct 15 2009

    Very impressive. Is that GlovePie? I gotta try that…

  • Jennifer Gray commented on Jul 10 2009

    That’s awesome! I love how people are finding so many uses for the wiimote

  • Rick Morgan commented on Jan 13 2009

    The Nintendo Wii is so versatile. This clip kind of answers the question ‘what next for wii gaming?’ article I read. Also I’ve seen people use the Wiimote as a guitar, by setting up a synthesiser. I wonder how long before the first Wii song hits the charts?

  • elman tabaq commented on Jan 11 2009

    this is cool. I am amazed :)

  • Victor Lorentzo commented on Dec 7 2008

    Wow. How cool is that?

    Victor Lorentzo