Announcing the TED Associate Membership Program

Posted by: Matthew Trost

In 2009, for the first time ever, you can experience the TED Conference live, from anywhere in the world.

As part of our new Associate Membership program, you can join a live webcast of the conference and create a private TED event for you and your friends.


But more than that, you’ll be part of a yearlong TED experience that includes conference DVDs, our famed TED Book Club mailings and other special touches.

The TED Associate Membership Program is open to anyone in the world. You can sign up year-round, or give it as a gift. $995 buys this virtual front-row seat for TED2009, and a year’s worth of innovation and inspiration.

As an Associate Member, you can:

+ Watch a private, web stream of the TED2009 conference (live from Palm Springs and Long Beach, Feb. 3-7)

+ Share the webcast with up to 10 friends in one room

+ Snag a boxed DVD set of the complete conference

+ Enjoy the famed TED Book Club — an inspired set of books, CDs and DVDs dropped at your door five times a year

+ Get enhanced social networking status on TED.com

+ Register for the next conference ahead of the general public

+ And more!

It makes a truly special holiday gift. (Or throw a party. Gather all your TED-head friends and enjoy the Membership as a group. Whether it’s for an office get-together, a university club or a library lock-in, an evening with TED is the perfect way to entertain, educate and inspire.)

Find out more at www.ted.com/associates.

Comments (3)

  • William Wilson commented on Dec 22 2008

    I think this is a great idea, but it would be nice, too, if there was a way you could offer the various parts of the associate membership a la carte. For example, I’m content to wait for the talks to be posted online over time (can’t quite take off that much time to watch a web cast for a few days), but it’d be great to get my hands on one of the DVD sets or the TED Book Club shipments. Still, I’m grateful just to be able to watch the talks.

    Any chance you might be able to post the Book Club selections as they come out? At least those of us who want to run to the library or book shop could get in on the reading action.

    Thanks for all you guys do!

  • Tony Comstock commented on Dec 21 2008

    Agreed, the timing/price-point sales pitch is odd. Brilliant extension? Or ham-fisted dilution?

  • Adam White commented on Dec 19 2008

    Too bad we can’t all be wealthy and be able to afford this during a recession. For $300 I would join at the TED Dishwasher membership level and you can keep the books and DVDs. Or if I’d known about this three months in advance, instead of six days before Christmas maybe I could have told friends and family to give me TED bucks to help pay.

    This holiday season give a stranger who visits TED every single day a special gift. Buy him a TED Associate Membership. Come on! $1000 is 1/20th of what I make in a year as a professional comedian. adamwhiteadamwhite AT yahoo.com if you want to be my secret Santa. I love TED!!