Twitter Snapshot: Willard Wigan tours the magical world of his microscopic sculpture

Posted by: Matthew Trost

Twitters were entranced and inspired by the story of how TEDGlobal 2009 speaker Willard Wigan (follow him on Twitter) came to create sculptures small enough to fit within the eye of a needle. His heartbreaking early life, which saw him rejected by other children his age and unable to fit in or succeed at school, followed by the astonishing refinement of his one-of-a-kind skill, shows that beauty is in really the microscope of the beholder!

Willard Wiggin creates sculptures in the eyes of needles. Yes, u read that right. He says each of us was once that small or smaller. — ruthannharnisch

Wiggin says he slows down his nervous system to create his microsculpture, takes care not to inhale his work (which he has done). — ruthannharnisch

Willard Wigan Discovered the world in miniature because didn’t fit in at school “My world was seen as less.” — TEDxCambridge

Wigan builds houses on the heads of pins. What’s that saying about angels?jenbrea

Willard Wigan’s story in itself defies any notion of impossibility. — tedtochina

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  • Tee Ricaro commented on Sep 24 2013

    Willard Wigan is an example of self-taught excellence and deserves all the praise he gets. Fortunately, if you missed his tour, you can see his work at many art dealers exhibitions such as Turner Fine Art Dealers in Birmingham here and check out more of his remarkable work for sale here Enjoy!

  • Yury Deulin commented on Jan 22 2010

    The biography.

    Deulin Yury – microminiaturist,founder of the “Microminiaturizm”,was born in Degtyarsk,Sverdlovskaya Oblast, in 12.07.1972. Education:The Urals Architectural Academy (by profession: jeweller-artist),Ekaterinburg (Russia).He was awarded the diploma “Event of the century” on the worldwide Parisian fair on the international show in Moscow in 2000 devoted to centennial triumph of Russian jewellers.
    Microminiaturizm – new direction in world art .
    Microminiaturizm is divided in kinds of art:
    2.Micrographic arts
    Microminiature -artistic work of art invisible with the unaided eye (generalized appellation).
    Microminiaturist -artist,creator of microminiatures.
    Microminiatures are created in technique “microtechnique

  • jack brosnan commented on Jan 11 2010

    Its really nice…
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