The future beckons. Meet it at TEDIndia.

Posted by: Matthew Trost


Photo: Lakshmi Pratury speaks about the upcoming TEDIndia conference at TEDGlobal in 2009. Oxford, UK, July 21-24, 2009. Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

TEDIndia director Lakshmi Pratury took the TEDGlobal 2009 stage to give a glimpse of what is on offer for the TEDIndia conference, which is only months away.

The conference, whose theme is “The Future Beckons,” comes at a time when, increasingly, India, China and the rest of Asia are making their presence felt globally in new technologies, design brilliance and countless instances of cultural and economic innovation.

As an attendee, you’ll enjoy a delicious cultural experience as the context of four days of jaw-dropping TED magic.

Registration for the one-of-a-kind TEDIndia Conference this November 4-7 in Mysore, India is now open.

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  • Laura Cococcia commented on Jul 23 2009

    Great to see this – and if I can, would definitely love to be there. I also saw an interesting post about the activities going on with Google India on their official blog today. Really loving the regular updates of what’s going on at TEDGlobal – the writing style makes me feel like I’m actually there!