Reddit and TED to interview Hans Rosling. Submit your questions!

Posted by: Matthew Trost


Such a success was the first ever Reddit-and-TED joint interview — featuring Sir Ken Robinson — that we and our partner Reddit have decided to expand it into a semi-regular feature.

This week, enduring TED favorite Hans Rosling (watch all his talks) will answer your questions.

Submit your questions in the Reddit thread now >>

We’ll ask Hans the top 10 questions as of 5pm Pacific on Thursday, September 3rd.

Expect to see Hans’ answers here on the TED Blog early in the following week.

As a doctor and researcher, Hans identified a new paralytic disease induced by hunger in rural Africa. Now the global health professor is looking at the bigger picture, increasing our understanding of social and economic development with the remarkable trend-revealing software he created.

narwhal.jpgP.S. Redditors may enjoy watching the only TEDTalk in which narwhals are mentioned.

Comments (5)

  • hatyai songkhla commented on Sep 7 2009

    No questions ask yet but he is a professsional in software invention that i admire.

  • Bob Danforth commented on Sep 3 2009

    I would very much like to see the value in clerical/labor hours worked to purchase various items that are the same over time where good data exists. examples- a loaf of bread, a dining room chair, a handmade violin, a Volvo car (shorter time), Pine lumber, a liter of kerosene, etc to see how much wealth was/is in past and different countries.

    In the 1950′s in the US there was much crowing about this….now…not so much.

  • joey fisher commented on Sep 2 2009

    I wanna try it. Is it available for use now?


  • The ModernMan commented on Sep 1 2009

    Trend-revealing software! Really awesome invention. I wanna know how it works actually.
    The Modern Man

  • jason Mayer commented on Sep 1 2009

    Sexy Stats, hmm.