Swimming the North Pole: Lewis Pugh on TED.com

Posted by: Emily McManus

Lewis Pugh talks about his record-breaking swim across the North Pole. He braved the icy waters (in a Speedo) to highlight the melting icecap. Watch for astonishing footage — and some blunt commentary on the realities of supercold-water swims. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2009, July 2009 in Oxford, England. Duration: 18:54)

Watch Lewis Pugh’s talk on TED.com, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances from our archive of 500+ TEDTalks.

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Comments (3)

  • Gleen Jeorge commented on Apr 15 2010

    OMG! This is totally great! I cant imagine how he swam the the super icy cold water of North Pole. It is a really great idea. Thanks for the post!

  • Phillip Ed commented on Sep 14 2009

    That was a great thing to do for a great cause!
    Phillip Ed

  • VH Writer commented on Sep 10 2009

    He swam across the North Pole? Now, that got me interested. Especially since he did it to show people about global warming and the melting ice caps. Thanks for this video.