Exposing the invisible: Nick Veasey on TED.com

Posted by: Matthew Trost

Nick Veasey shows outsized X-ray images that reveal the otherworldly inner workings of familiar objects — from the geometry of a wildflower to the anatomy of a Boeing 747. Producing these photos is dangerous and painstaking, but the reward is a superpower: looking at what the human eye can’t see. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2009, July 2009, Oxford, UK. Duration: 13:19)

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  • Helen McGuirk commented on Jan 7 2010

    Exposing the invisible was a new take on Art. It shows the beauty of the Black and White photo which has been lost to the more common colour photograph. I look forward to seeing this Art in mainstream and not confined to TED.com

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  • Edsel Eigenman commented on Jan 7 2010


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