Solving social problems with a nudge: Sendhil Mullainathan on TED.com

Posted by: Emily McManus

MacArthur winner Sendhil Mullainathan uses the lens of behavioral economics to study a tricky set of social problems — those we know how to solve, but don’t. We know how to reduce child deaths due to diarrhea, how to prevent diabetes-related blindness and how to implement solar-cell technology … yet somehow, we don’t or can’t. Why? (Recorded at TEDIndia, November 2009, Mysore, India. Duration: 18:01)

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  • julietta cheung commented on Feb 1 2010

    Can’t agree more. As I work on a project intended to help Haitian builders adopt safe construction methods over at Haiti ReWired, this human-centered approach has been on my mind. The key is not just to provide builders with useful information but in using design (graphic communication in this case) to help nudge the user towards better/safer practices.