Reason: Roundup of TED2010, Session 4

Posted by: Matthew Trost


(Photo credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson)

Michael Specter: “You’re entitled to your own opinion — but you’re not entitled to your own facts.”


(Photo credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson)

Sam Harris: “Does the Taliban have a point of view on physics that is worth considering? … No.”


(Photo credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson)

Kirk Citron looks for news stories that will matter in 100 years.


(Photo credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson)

Graham Hill unveils “Weekday Veg,” a middle-ground between vegetarianism and meat-eating.


(Photo credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson)

Jim Daly talks carnivorous plants.


(Photo credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson)

Elizabeth Pisani: “As citizens of the world, we use our votes to stop politicians doing stupid things to spread HIV.”


(Photo credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson)

Nicholas Christakis: “We form networks because the benefits of a connected life outweigh the costs.”

Comments (5)

  • ken collins commented on Oct 25 2010

    Will someone at TED please post these presentations?! Are there any plans to post these talks?! Can anyone say one way or the other? The fact we’re left wondering is annoying.

  • Jan Arends commented on Feb 18 2010

    It is funny and joyful to see and read about Sam Harris who makes things as clear as water.
    I hope to get a line to the Interview he had with Pat Morrison. What this nice man says and writes is great.

  • Ulrich Gall commented on Feb 12 2010

    When it comes out, be sure to watch Sam Harris’ talk, to the end. He builds his fundamental and deep argument beautifully, convincing me… and then, Chris, in just two sentences, manages to cast reasonable doubt back on one of the more provocative conclusions. TED discourse par excellence. One of my favorites so far.

    • Liz McLellan commented on Feb 12 2010

      Cannot wait to see that.

      • Jackie Topolowski commented on Mar 8 2010

        Me too. When are they going to upload the video?