The lost art of democratic debate: Michael Sandel on TED.com

Posted by: Matthew Trost

Democracy thrives on civil debate, Michael Sandel says — but we’re shamefully out of practice. He leads a fun refresher, with TEDsters sparring over a recent Supreme Court case (PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin) whose outcome reveals the critical ingredient in justice. (Recorded at TED2010, February 2010 in Long Beach, CA. Duration: 19:42)

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Comments (4)

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  • James Allman commented on Jun 8 2010

    Even simpler Bill, If golf were about stamina, then golfers wouldn’t have caddies; they’d be required to carry their own clubs.

  • Nerd 42 commented on Jun 7 2010

    Um, the traditional marriage crowd doesn’t say marriage is only about procreation. But I agree that it’s better to engage directly with the moral convictions and essential natures etc.

  • Bill Baxter commented on Jun 7 2010

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve been reading things like Freakonomics recently, but it seems to me the question about the importance of walking to golf is one that could easily be settled with the right data. All other things being equal, does walking vs riding affect the scores of golfers? If fatigue is really a key aspect, one should see scores of walkers getting worse toward the 18th hole, and those of cart riders remaining closer to level. If no such effect is observed then there’s no point in preventing anyone who wants to ride in a cart on the PGA tour. No need to bother the Supreme Court about it.