Fighting cancer with a dance: Ananda Shankar Jayant on TED.com

Posted by: Shanna Carpenter

Renowned classical Indian dancer Ananda Shankar Jayant was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. She tells her personal story of not only facing the disease but dancing through it, and gives a performance revealing the metaphor of strength that helped her do it. (Recorded at TEDIndia, November 2009 in Mysore, India. Duration: 16:07)

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Comments (2)

  • Kathlyn Breene commented on Aug 27 2010

    Jai Ma!
    From another who dances with Lions.

  • Simon Halley commented on Jun 23 2010

    Having a disease like this does not mean that you are a loser any more the best thing to do is to find some releif in every pain we felt just like timeshare relief seekers who are keeping on finding releif with the burden they have by now.