TEDGlobal 2010

Who let this guy on the TED stage?

Posted by: Matthew Trost

How come TED’s head guy Chris Anderson is giving his own TEDTalk? Well, it all started with an idea that wouldn’t go away — an insight into the true significance of web video, and what it might mean for the world’s future. Bruno Giussani, who runs our TEDGlobal conference, got excited enough about the idea that he insisted Chris speak at Oxford this summer. The talk ushers in a whole new chapter in TED’s history … one which you’re invited to help write. Please watch, and then help shape the future of TED with your comments.

Watch Chris Anderson’s talk on TED.com where you can download it, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances from our archive of 700+ TEDTalks.

Comments (4)

  • Horace Lim commented on Sep 22 2010

    Excellent talk Chris, amazing what we can achieve together… it makes me very happy that I am working on accelerating the infrastructural parts of giving the access both computers and telecommunications /broadband access to those who don’t have it.

  • commented on Sep 17 2010

    A very interesting and indeed inspiring presentation. Current trends make it easier to teach and study, hopefully the advent of new era doesn’t trigger people using web in abusing way… Unfortunately, there are so many examples of technologies intended to serve people turning into weapon. We need to be very careful with censor, and hopefully get into the safe web surrounding soon.

  • David Rodriguez Souto commented on Sep 14 2010