Natural pest control … using bugs!: Shimon Steinberg on TED.com

Posted by: Matthew Trost

At TEDxTelAviv, Shimon Steinberg looks at the difference between pests and bugs — and makes the case for using good bugs to fight bad bugs, avoiding chemicals in our quest for perfect produce. (Recorded at TEDxTelAviv, April 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Duration: 15:24)

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Comments (6)

  • Luis Simauchi Jr. commented on Mar 29 2013

    While this is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, I am glad to see that natural methods of pest control are becoming more popular inside the industry.

  • Jack William commented on Sep 6 2012

    This video is really interesting. Useful information about how to use good bugs for pest and termite control.Thanks for sharing such a nice information.

  • commented on Sep 4 2012

    This video is really worth to see. Nice information about how to use good bugs to reduce bad ones. These days chemical is used frequently for pest control. After seeing this video I can say that organic methods are the best to get rid of pests.

  • Aaron Smith commented on Aug 29 2012

    Very informative video…natural and simple way to kill pest. For more interesting and effective method to kill pest contact http://www.termite-pest-control.org/oakland.php

  • Maxine Thomas commented on Aug 30 2011

    Interesting video.

  • commented on Feb 12 2011

    Great post. Very informative. Thank you for giving us ideas on other alternatives to kill these pests. its great to have choices. But as for me, the proven method to kill bedbugs, rodents and other pest is to use the common method the public already used,. Because of its simplicity and availability, majority of the people will still lean on these.