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A primer on 3D printing: Lisa Harouni on

Posted by: Emily McManus

2012 may be the year of 3D printing, when this three-decade-old technology finally becomes accessible and even commonplace. Lisa Harouni gives a useful introduction to this fascinating way of making things — including intricate objects once impossible to create. (Recorded at TEDSalon London, November 2011, in London, UK. Duration: 14:50)

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  • smith jones commented on Jul 2 2013

    Your article about 3D printing is awesome and informative and Lisa said right we can create objects those were impossible to create in the past. You have beautifully described the art of 3D printing with video.

  • commented on Jul 2 2013

    I really enjoyed reading your informative, awesome and different article in which you have explained beautifully about 3D modeling application, useful information to this fascinating way of making things. You said right these objects were impossible to create in the last few decades.

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