“It’s Time for TED”: TED2012 remixed by John Boswell

Posted by: Emily McManus

John Boswell — he created the “Symphony of Science” videos — came to TED this week. Not to talk, but to listen and remix. Hear his mix of TED2012, with some classic TED moments mixed in.

Find out more about each speaker in the mashup in our “Live from TED2012″ coverage on the TED Blog.

Update: as suggested on reddit, the list of speakers:

Quixotic Fusion
Reuben Margolin
TED Curator Chris Anderson
Regina Dugan
Peter Diamandiswatch the TEDTalk >>
Paul Gildingwatch the TEDTalk >>
JR and the Inside Out Project
Video from Brian Greene
Billy Collins
Andy Hobsbawm (from TED2008)
Kathryn Schulz from TED2011
Reggie Watts
Meklit Hadero
T. Boone Pickens
James Hansen
Donald Sadoway
Bryan Stevenson
This year’s TED Prize wish: The City 2.0
Suja Lowenthal

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  • Clint Pace commented on Sep 19 2012

    Chris Anderson, God Bless. John Boswell, for making your’ divine Art. Ted has pulled me through 3 Neurological rehabs. Scoring 3 maths above ever taking, after TBI, 4 Brain surgeries. You inspire, you brought to life so much of my then lost brain maps. You inspire, drive, and gave and continue to give me hope. These minds, on these blogs, provided so much mental stimulus. All free of ignorance, bias, delusions. This song is now a Mantra for me, as well as site a beacon of light and hope for me. God Bless, Chirs, John, TED. And each and every one of you, thank you so much for inquiring, learning, expressing openly. I wish I could find a purpose among Ted, knowing that it is, will, and only continue to make the world a better place. One talk, one topic, and one post at a time. Allow me a home among these inter disciplinary minds, so that I can not see through someone only regurgitating their’ views, opinions, upon me. Thank you ALL, Amen.

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  • Vijay Chhuttani commented on Apr 23 2012

    just one word “Amaaaaaaaaaazing”

  • Randa Adnan commented on Apr 9 2012

    I just cant keep myself from listening to it for two days now
    thank you for this wonderful art

  • Randa Adnan commented on Apr 8 2012

    Tedx Baghdad play it today
    so beautiful i like it
    Kathryn Schulz the best

  • Randa Adnan commented on Apr 8 2012

    Tedx Baghdad play it today
    so beautiful i like it

  • Roxana Fera commented on Apr 3 2012

    This remix, the music and the words/ideas mixed up, take me back in to my childhood and remind me of my mind as a child – I am sure I am not the only one…It’s so beautiful…It just helped me tap into a source within that’s been asleep…barely there…Thank you…

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  • Judy MacDonald Johnston commented on Mar 8 2012

    John – I did TEDLive for the first time this year as I could not be there in person. In a way that no single talk can, your mash-up video captures the spirit of the full-on TED experience: the passion, the excitement, the intelligence. I am taking care of my niece and nephews this week (13, 11, 7) and I showed it to them. It has become a house favorite, and they are now singing “The miracle of your mind…” in the car on the way to school. After watching your video three times last night, they were so intrigued by Paul Gilding saying “We can be more, we can be much more.” that they decided to watch Paul’s talk to see what he meant. Your work is a gateway substance! Thanks.

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  • Ellen Stiefler commented on Mar 6 2012

    I enjoy the transformative Symphony of Science videos greatly, especially when I’ve experienced the event (TED2012 in this case) that inspired John Bosewell’s brilliant creation.

    Thank you John!

  • Alexander Grgurich commented on Mar 5 2012

    I believe the Kathryn Schulz clip is from TED2011, not TED2010.

  • Serge de Gheldere commented on Mar 4 2012

    This is just so beautiful, amazing, thrilling. Goosebumps.

    Thank you.