Step inside the Millennium Seed Bank: Video

Posted by: Tedstaff

This lovely new video, with lots of extreme closeups, walks us through the scientific facility that Jonathan Drori discussed in his 2009 TEDTalk “Why we’re storing billions of seeds.” For even more, the TED Blog’s Q&A with Drori, where he answers our detailed questions about saving and germinating the seeds that represent some 10% of the world’s biodiversity. (HT: MetaFilter!)

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  • John Wells commented on May 6 2012

    Great video – I want to download it to show offline to some seniors. Any ideas how to get hold of it??

  • Stephen Waldron commented on Apr 3 2012

    As usual, an amazing video by the Lonely Leap crew. Messages made real on film.

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  • Walter Marks commented on Mar 26 2012

    Wow this is like the Noah’s Arc of horticulture.

  • Alexander Sunay commented on Mar 24 2012

    Thank you.

  • commented on Mar 24 2012

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    Amazing this really got to me…

  • Darina Stoyanova commented on Mar 24 2012

    It is a GREAT & incredibly important subject & project that is admirable, inspiring & worth supporting. What concerned me in this short video are 2 things. First that each seed is X-rayed! which affects and probably damages its ability to sprout & live and the fact that many of the jars & tubes were marked with numbers only that unless interlinked with a digital database would be meaningless & useless, implying heavy reliance on computer technology which if affected or lost will make the seeds unidentifiable. May be those can be addressed.

    • John Wells commented on May 6 2012

      I work at Wakehurst place where the MSB is situated. No problem with records or security. Big database. MSB is proof against anything but direct hit from nuclear bomb. X-ray is done on a sampling basis only. All stored seeds are subject to regular germination testing (every 10 years or so….)

  • commented on Mar 23 2012

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    Very important topic. Well worth your reading time.

  • commented on Mar 23 2012

    Great topic and very important to humanity. Thank you for covering this.