In Short: Drug cartels using submarines, an ECG taken over the phone

Posted by: Kate Torgovnick May

Enjoy these fascinating reads from across the internet:

  • This weekend, a New York Times cover story revealed how drug cartels are crafting “diesel-powered submarines that would be the envy of all but a few nations.” It’s a fact that Navy Admiral James Stavridis shared with us at TEDGlobal 2012, in his talk “A Navy Admiral’s Thoughts on Global Security.”
  • Fancy a spot of tea? Here, 13 reasons black tea should be your next beverage selection, rather than black coffee, according to scientific research. [Time]
  • Catherine Wong, age 17, has captured the “Joe’s Big Idea prize” for her take-at-home electrocardiogram test, which could have big implications in developing countries. Made out of widely available and cheap electronic components, the test allows data to be transferred to medical professionals using a cell phone. [NPR] Oh, how we’d love to introduce Wong to TED Fellow Max Little, who is also using the phone for medical diagnosis with his Parkinson’s Voice Initiative.
  • The fall television season is upon it, with a slew of new shows premiering in the upcoming weeks. Here is a handy cheat sheet of what to watch, wait on and skip. []
  • Will Facebook’s disappointing IPO lead venture capitalists to shift how they fund start-ups? Derek Thompson predicts that big changes are ahead. [The Atlantic]

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