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Your weekend reading: Our mysterious Internet


A look at what’s been going on in this mysterious web of ours the past few weeks: What…the…is this crazy-looking cocoon? Help the Internet figure it out! [New Scientist] Bruce Schneier‘s call to engineers and technologists to stand up and take back the Internet from the inside. [The Guardian] What can go wrong when secondary []

Your weekend reading: Gary’s Glass, a malarial milestone


A round-up of what’s interesting on the interwebs this week: Gary Shteyngart tries Google Glass. Hilarity ensues. [The New Yorker] To everyone’s surprise, a malaria vaccine has been 100 percent effective in clinical trials. [Nature] For writers, adopting a second language is more than gaining a new skill set. It’s a rebirth. [The Stone Blog, []

Your weekend reading: Weather Channel interns under windy duress, Carl Sagan back from the dead to save us from terrible TV


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-Atrlz-cSI&w=560&h=315%5D The extent of human creativity/weirdness always baffles me, but I have to say the Internet really won my heart this week. Here are some staff picks of weird, beautiful, smart stories and videos from the interwebs this week. Today was the final day to tweet #TornadoWeek to turn up the winds on interns []

Your weekend reading: The wrong kind of Caucasian, the graduate school question, and how the Internet ruined everything


A weekly round-up of interesting, weird and useful reads from around the interwebs. In “The wrong kind of Caucasian,” Sarah Kendzior critiques the media for its tendency to demonize an entire country based on the violent acts of a few individuals. [Al Jazeera] “The Internet: A Warning from History,” or how the Internet ruined everything. []