Your weekend reading: Prime number pairs, the unanswerable question of waking life, and much more

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A few fun links from this week’s Internet, so you don’t get bogged down with all that summer reading you’re about to do ยป

[Video] A Numberphile video explains a recent breakthrough by a relatively unknown mathematician, on pairs of prime numbers that differ by two. [YouTube]

A beautiful meditation on the reality of dreams and that of waking life. [NY Review of Books blog]

For New Yorkers, a new (tiny) way to read this summer. The world’s tiniest library is in Nolita. [The Atlantic]

[Gallery] This is no ordinary Internet slideshow. Foreign Affairs presents 11 phrases blocked on Weibo, the Twitter of China. [Foreign Affairs]

Does copyright apply hundreds of miles above the Earth? [Economist]

All those weekend getaways to Mars your grandkids will be taking over summer vacation? They likely won’t survive the trip. [New Scientist]

[Video] Finally, if you’re tired of TED Talks (impossible), watch your favorite villains give ZOD Talks. [YouTube]