Your weekend reading: Life without (realizing you have no) smell, getting credible stories out of North Korea

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Insight from the interwebs the weeks of July 22 and 29:

A poignant, funny, slightly heartbreaking story of a woman who doesn’t realize for many years that she has anosmia, no sense of smell. [The Millions]

How do you get credible, nongovernment information about daily life out of North Korea? [Al Jazeera]

How Geoff Dyer went from consistently glum-looking chum to smiling idiot. [The Guardian]

When can (and can’t) you trust a data scientist? [Monkey Cage]

Martin Scorsese on the language of cinema. [The NY Review of Books]

The American Medical Association mandates that doctors cannot “refuse to care for patients based on any ‘invidious’ discriminatory criteria like race or ethnicity.” But what happens when a patient is racist? [The New York Times Well Blog]