IDEO founder David Kelley on TEDTalks

Low-key and thoughtful, IDEO founder David Kelley seems the antithesis of the “design star” — and indeed, he says that product design, within the past two decades, has become much less about the design and more about the user who’ll be experiencing it. In this classic 2002 talk, he shares some video of products coming out of IDEO, including Prada’s famous high-tech dressing rooms, “Dilbert’s ultimate cubicle,” and a gotta-have-it gadget called Spyfish. He finishes by discussing a project he’s passionate about: ApproTEC — now called KickStart — offering designs that give Kenyans the means to end poverty.(Recorded February 2002 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 17:12) Read David Kelley’s profile on

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