Building on the green agenda: Sir Norman Foster on

From the DLD Conference in Munich: Architect Norman Foster discusses his own work to show how computers can help architects design buildings that are green, beautiful and “basically pollution-free.” He shares projects from throughout his career, from the pioneering roof-gardened Willis Building (1975) to the London Gherkin (2004). He also comments on two upcoming megaprojects: a pipe to bring water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, and Beijing airport’s brand-new and groundbreaking Terminal 3, which becomes fully operational this week, March 26. This talk was filmed at the DLD (Digital Life Design) Conference, in Munich. DLD, hosted by publisher Hubert Burda and Israeli investor Yossi Vardi, and covers digital innovation, media and design. (Recorded January 2007 in Munich. Duration: 31:57.)

Watch Norman Foster’s talk on, where you can download it, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances.

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