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The 10 strangest sounds heard on the TED stageThe 10 strangest sounds heard on the TED stage

Posted By Becky Chung

What is possible with the human voice? Beardyman asks in today’s talk. He demonstrates with at least fifty manipulations of his voice – from a dog barking to the two-tone singing of a monk. “I was always trying to extend my repertoire of noises to be the very maximum it can be,” he says. On his quest to […]


Any noise I can imagine: Beardyman at TED2013Any noise I can imagine: Beardyman at TED2013

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Beardyman, né Darren Foreman, is a London-based beatboxer and inventor who has always been frustrated by the limitations of the human voice and body. After all, Beardyman’s instrument is his voice — and he only has one. No one, for example, can sing two notes at the same time. So naturally, Beardyman built a machine […]


Beautiful Imperfection: Speakers in Session 2 of TED2013Beautiful Imperfection: Speakers in Session 2 of TED2013

Posted By Emily McManus

Moving images and hidden systems — Session 2 moved into the world of the unexplored. Listen for an exploration into the secrets of cities, find out how the elusive giant squid was caught on film and hear a case for the virtue of ignorance. The speakers who appeared this session. Click their name to read […]