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Live from TED2014

Unstress: Speakers in Session 11 at TED2014Unstress: Speakers in Session 11 at TED2014

Posted By Tedstaff

We live most of our lives wired and wound up, rarely pausing to relax or unplug from the daily grind. Our speakers in this session discuss the consequences of our ever-hectic lives, and remind us of the qualities we sometimes forget to foster. They include an author discussing why modern parenthood is out of whack, […]


Poems in motion: Billy Collins at TED2012Poems in motion: Billy Collins at TED2012

Posted By Ben Lillie

Photo: James Duncan Davidson “I’m here to give you your recommended daily allowance of poetry.” So says Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of the United States. He tells the story of being approached by the Sundance Channel to record his poems and set them to animation. Attempts to set his poetry to music had failed in the past. But […]