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Note-taking, doodles and sketches from TED2014Note-taking, doodles and sketches from TED2014

Posted By Tedstaff

Do you think in pictures? These TED fans do — and they capture their thoughts in an idiosyncratic mix of words and text that parallels the way their thoughts flow. Sharon Hwang posted this adorable video on Instagram, showing her thumbing through her notes from TED2014. She writes, “What an amazing week at TED! Leaving […]


Doodling at TEDxPittsburghDoodling at TEDxPittsburgh

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

As Sunni Brown explained in her TEDTalk “Doodlers, unite!,”  doodling isn’t about distracting yourself from something boring — it actually improves comprehension and boosts creative thinking. And so we applaud graphic designer Dan Moyer for creating this awesome drawing while watching the proceedings at TEDxPittsburgh. Watch the talks it references at the event website, and […]