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Q&A with Garik Israelian: "Your lab should be the vacuum between stars"

Posted By Emily McManus

Astronomer Garik Israelian (watch his TEDTalk) explained the secrets of spectrography yesterday. And last night, he answered a few of our followup questions by email — including some questions from TED’s Facebook fans: Tell me about your latest work with lithium and its significance for planet-bearing stars. Since year 2000, our group has been working […]


Updated: Garik Israelian at the opening of the Gran Telescopio Canarias

Posted By Emily McManus

Astronomer Garik Israelian spoke at TEDGlobal on Wednesday, July 22, about spectroscopy — the art of examining the spectral signature of a distant object in the universe, and inferring its qualities and behaviors. When I asked him during rehearsal if he could stay for the whole conference, he said he had to leave early — […]


Garik Israelian at TEDGlobal 2009: Running notes from Session 6

Posted By Matthew Trost

Israelian explores distant objects in the universe using spectroscopy. By looking at the spectral signature of distant object, he can infer the qualities and behaviors of the objects. He thinks spectroscopy will be how we finally discover whether there is life elsewhere outside of our solar system. Israelian discovered that stars sometimes swallow their planets […]