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Live from TED2014

Are you human? Ze Frank at TED2014Are you human? Ze Frank at TED2014

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

To break up a dense (and early) morning session all about Us, performance artist Ze Frank wants to do a quick human test. He asks you to raise your hand when a question applies. Answer honestly. This is a safe space. Ready? Let’s begin: Have you ever eaten a booger long past your childhood? Have you […]


The ethics of genetically enhanced monkey-slavesThe ethics of genetically enhanced monkey-slaves

Posted By David Webber

Think parents should be able to select their children’s talents and personalities? Or want to run and hide in the woods at the thought of it? Whatever your opinion, it is precisely the kind of question that Julian Savulescu wants you to take seriously. Professor of practical ethics at the University of Oxford, Savulescu thinks […]


4 talks on a strange phenomenon we all experience: consciousness4 talks on a strange phenomenon we all experience: consciousness

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

John Searle studies consciousness — which, as he points out in today’s talk, is a “curiously neglected subject in our scientific and philosophical culture.” Curiously — because it is, after all, a pre-condition for anything else we think about. And yet neglected — because consciousness is a subject that makes scientists huffy (they see it […]