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The anatomy of a turning point, on TED Radio HourThe anatomy of a turning point, on TED Radio Hour

Posted By Nia Ashley

Your life’s turning point — whether it happens in an instant or is the culmination of gradual change — could occur tomorrow. Would you be ready for it? How would you reconcile your former self with the person you’ve become? In this week’s TED Radio Hour, we hear from TED speakers forever changed by major and […]


Who Are We?: The speakers in Session 11 of TED2013Who Are We?: The speakers in Session 11 of TED2013

Posted By Morton Bast

The name says it all: this session took a look at everything that human beings do, think and know. From thoughts on what makes a civilization decline to the roots of our morality, these speakers shared some of the stats and stories that point to our collective identity. Here, the speakers who appeared in this […]


Openness about injuries: Q&A with Joshua PragerOpenness about injuries: Q&A with Joshua Prager

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Until he was 19, Joshua Prager wanted to play professional baseball or be a doctor. After 19, he was just glad he could walk. For eight years Prager was a senior editor at The Wall Street Journal, where he was a four-time Pulitzer Prize nominee for his long-form pieces investigating historical secrets. In his talk […]