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TED Radio Hour: The Next Greatest Generation?TED Radio Hour: The Next Greatest Generation?

Posted By Elizabeth Jacobs

This week’s TED Radio Hour tries to pinpoint what exactly makes a millennial a millennial. Growing up in a world marked by a new set of challenges and opportunities — the Internet, longer lifespans, an economic crisis — today’s twentysomethings have a vastly different perspective on and approach to life from previous generations. What makes […]


Make the most of your 20s: Meg Jay at TED2013Make the most of your 20s: Meg Jay at TED2013

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In her 20s, Meg Jay saw her first psychotherapy client, Alex, who was there to talk about her guy problems. Jay didn’t take the sessions all too seriously at first. But then her supervisor gave her a wakeup call. While Jay said, “Sure she’s dating down and sleeping with a knucklehead. But she’s not gonna […]


The Spark: Speakers in Session 3 at TED2013The Spark: Speakers in Session 3 at TED2013

Posted By Helen Walters

An indefinable quality lies at the heart of any successful idea or project … a spark of intuition, genius or insight that acts as the driver of all later action. Our speakers in this session all possess such a spark, from the educator who’s made it his mission to help high-achieving minority students to a […]