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Phil Hansen gives the gift of TEDPhil Hansen gives the gift of TED

Posted By Tedstaff

Limitations, schimitations. At TED2013, Phil Hansen shared the story of how he thought his art career was over when he developed a severe hand tremor. Instead, by learning to “embrace the shake,” Hansen became a creative powerhouse, constantly coming up with new ways to transcend his limitation. And so we wondered: what if we asked […]


Phil Hansen channels your stories of limitations into artPhil Hansen channels your stories of limitations into art

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In this 16-minute documentary, artist Phil Hansen stands in front of a giant blank canvas with a Sharpie in one hand and his cell phone in the other. Soon, using just these tools, a detailed image emerges — one of three birds maintaining in choppy water. When Hansen’s TED Talk, Embrace the Shake, was posted […]


Embrace the shake: Phil Hansen at TED2013Embrace the shake: Phil Hansen at TED2013

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In art school, Phil Hansen developed a shake in his hand. He couldn’t so much as draw a straight line anymore. After years of excelling in pointillism, his tight grip of the pen had caused permanent nerve damage. “To me this was doomsday. This was the destruction of my dream of becoming an artist,” says Hansen in […]


Beautiful Imperfection: Speakers in Session 2 of TED2013Beautiful Imperfection: Speakers in Session 2 of TED2013

Posted By Emily McManus

Moving images and hidden systems — Session 2 moved into the world of the unexplored. Listen for an exploration into the secrets of cities, find out how the elusive giant squid was caught on film and hear a case for the virtue of ignorance. The speakers who appeared this session. Click their name to read […]