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How to give more persuasive presentations: A Q&A with Nancy Duarte

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Stepping onto the TED or TEDx stage — or speaking in front of any group of people, for that matter — is truly nerve-wracking. Will you remember everything you wanted to say, or get so discombobulated that you skip over major points? Will the audience be receptive to your ideas, or will you notice a […]


8 tips for speakers from a TED photographer8 tips for speakers from a TED photographer

Posted By Tedstaff

Via boingboing: James Duncan Davidson was one of our shooters at TED2009 (along with Asa Mathat — an amazing team). As a photographer and conferencegoer, Duncan has watched a lifetime’s worth of speakers, the good and the bad, the pro and the amateur, the calm and the completely freaked out. His takeaway: “There are things […]


Brain science makes better PowerPoint

Posted By Tedstaff

A timely item in the week before TED2008: Stephen M. Kosslyn, professor and researcher in mental imagery at Harvard, is out to empower PowerPoint users with lessons from cognitive science. Kosslyn spoke in Boston today at a meeting of the AAAS to share some quirkily titled guidelines (the Goldilocks Rule, the Rudolph Rule) that will […]