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What the world needs now: The TEDActive music video

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

When the John Lennon bus drove up to TEDActive, attendees got the chance to collaborate on a music video to share their ideas for what the world needs now. Jill Sobule, John Doe, Sara Watkins, Stuart Johnson, Don Was, Dave Way, Krish Sharma and the amazing team on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus came […]


Picking apart the puzzle of racism in elections: Nate Silver on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

Stats whiz Nate Silver suggests answers to controversial questions about race in politics, such as: Did Obama’s race hurt his votes in some places? Stats and myths collide in this fascinating talk that ends with a remarkable insight on how town planning can promote tolerance. (Recorded at TED@PalmSprings 2009, February 2009, in Palm Springs, California. […]


Interview with Jason Hackenwerth, balloon artist

Posted By Matthew Trost

The TED Blog sat down with Jason Hackenwerth, Palm Springs’ balloon artist-in-residence to talk about the challenge of being an artist. What’s your biggest challenge, as an artist? Getting your work recognized is the biggest and hardest part. I think it requires a certain kind of venue or a certain kind of persistence, and making […]


Palm Springs only: Meet Seth Aylmer and Jose Serrano-Reyes of TrustArt.org

Posted By Matthew Trost

Seth Aylmer and Jose Serrano-Reyes took the TEDDIY stage today to tell us about TrustArt.org, a new organization whose goal is to bring a microfinance model into the art world. As says their website, “Artists introduce their big ideas for works of social art on this site. Shares to fund each project are immediately up […]


If Arthur Benjamin got an extra minute on stage …

Posted By Matthew Trost

The TED Blog caught up with Arthur Benjamin after his talk on why we should stop mandating that students learn calculus in school — to ask him what he would have done with an extra minute on stage. Here’s what he had to say: Arthur Benjamin: If I had an extra minute, I’d also talk […]