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14 people who’ve timelapsed their lives, filming one second a day

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Cesar-KuriyamaAs he approached his 30th birthday, artist Cesar Kuriyama noticed that time seemed to be evaporating. And thus, he began work on a project called 1 Second Everyday.

Cesar Kuriyama: One second every day Cesar Kuriyama: One second every day

“Basically, I’m recording one second of every day of my life for the rest of my life—chronologically compiling these one-second, tiny slices of my life into one single continuous video,” says Kuriyama in today’s talk. Why? “I hate not remembering things that I’ve done in the past,” he says.

When Kuriyama turns 40, he’ll have a one-hour video encapsulating his 30s. And when he turns 80, he’ll have a five-hour video spanning 50 years. In this talk, he reveals what he recorded in the first 365 days of the project — both the glorious and the painful.

Naturally, Kuriyama was curious what others would do with this tool. And so he took to Kickstarter, where more than 11,000 people funded his efforts to create a 1 Second Everyday app. It’s available for iOS now, and will soon be available for Android.  Below, see some of the videos created with it.

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa—who describes himself as a father, husband and web geek—downloaded the app for the new year. Here’s his January 2013, in a beautiful 31 seconds.

One Second Everyday: Year One - 12.07.11 to 12.06.12 from Kathy Monahan on Vimeo.

A friend of Kuriyama’s, Kathy Monahan set out to record all of 2012, editing the footage together herself since the app wasn’t available yet. Watch her year unfold, from concerts to learning how to use a crossbow.

Arseny Vez of in St. Petersburg, Russia, shares his January 2012 using the app.

Think 1 Second Everyday is for the dogs? Possibly. Here, a user has captured January 2013 in the life of their dog, Henry.

A look at January 2013 in Amsterdam.

From ultrasounds to what’s for dinner, John Mezzepesa captured December 2012 and January 2013.

Ben Nesvig’s French bulldog is just one of the stars of his video of January 2013.

Martha Denton filmed January 2013 in New York City, Milwaukee and Detroit.

Pedro Sostre edited together one second from every iPhone video he’s taken over the past five years.

Robbie Marr brings you January 2013 in Brighton, England.

Chicken and waffles figure greatly in Oliver Church’s 2013 thus far.

Laura Ferenc captured both December and January 2013. She writes, “This left-brain heavy, non-creative bookkeeper is taking a bit more time noticing things each day.”

The second half of 2013, as captured by Collin Ferry.