Meet the Mission Blue Idea Champions

At the end of the first day of the Mission Blue Voyage, seven Idea Champions with marine and environmental expertise across disciplines pitched their big ideas for ocean protection and restoration. These ideas will form the building blocks for actions pursued by the Mission Blue team in the months to come, as they continue in the fight to save our oceans.


Peter Knights: We can show governments in the Pacific Ocean nations that restricting catch leads to more fish.


Peter Seligmann from Conservation International: Can we bring together 14 heads of state to link a chain of hope spots?


Kristian Parker: What if we funded an ocean alliance to spend money on the ocean?


Lisa Speer says we need a game-changer in the Arctic, a necklace of protected zones set aside for science.


Mark Tercek: Why don’t we pay countries to stop overfishing?


Laurie Coots says it’s time for Mission Blue to go to school, to teach kids who might not ever see an ocean.


Andy Sharpless says the key to overfishing is overcapacity in the world’s fleets, subsidized by cheap energy.

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Photos: TED / James Duncan Davidson