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A Scrabble board of TED Fellows

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While the majority of the TED Fellows headed to TED2013 to give talks on their incredible work, a smaller group headed to TEDActive, representing the program while embedded in the Palm Springs action. Artist Colleen Flanigan was among them, and created this adorable, Scrabble-themed animation to represent the Fellows there with her. Here’s what she had to say about the work:

“While at TED Active, I found my way into The Study, a place to explore TED-Ed. I had so much fun playing with iStopMotion that I wanted to make something for the Late Night with the Fellows, a short looping intro on the monitor at the House of Design at the La Quinta Resort.

During the last session on Wednesday, I stayed in The Study and cut out little construction paper symbols to represent each of the fabulous Fellows here this week. It was a quick attempt at portraying a tiny bit of what they do for their work. For example, Esther Chae is on an arrow since she created and performs the dramatic So the Arrow Flies, about a Korean spy, and David Gurman is on a bell as he created an installation art piece, Nicholas Shadow, in which a church bell tolled to mark the death of innocent civilians during the war in Iraq.

All the members of the TED-Ed team are incredibly fun and talented; they helped me set up the area to create a short animation sequence for the evening. I spent a couple peaceful playful hours moving things around. After years of making armatures for stop-motion puppets, it was liberating to actually experiment with capturing the movement and witness with wonder the linking shots.