All about INK 2011: Innovation and knowledge in India

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The InK Conference (which stands for Innovation and Knowledge) is run by longtime TEDster Lakshmi Pratury, who co-hosted TEDIndia in 2009. TED’s content partnership agreement with INK allow us to bring great talks to TED.com — like today’s talk from Alexander Tsiaras — and we’re thrilled that the conference is back for a second year.

The 2011 INK Conference is hosted by Lakshmi in beautiful Jaipur, India, on December 8-11, and she’s pulled together an astonishing speaker lineup spanning business, science, technology, nonprofit organizations and the arts.

The theme is “Power of the Journey,” and confirmed speakers include the first woman private space traveler, Anousheh Ansari; oceanographer David Gallo; music conductor Itay Talgam; headmaster Babar Ali; water activist Anupam Mishra; and the chair of UIDAI and co-founder of Infosys, Nandan Nilekani. INK is modeled on TED, and the talks will fit the familiar TED 18-minute format.

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If you want to attend a live TED-like event in India, do consider registering for INK and joining up with thinkers and doers from a wide variety of industries, organizations and countries. There’s more information at www.theinkconference.com. It promises to be a wonderful experience. Stand by for some exciting new talks from a part of the world bursting with innovation, optimism and wisdom.