An idea worth doing: TEDxChange @ TEDxKibera

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Melinda Gates blogs about a new and interesting collaboration:

After TEDxChange last fall in New York, we were interested in finding ways that we could keep the global conversation around health and development going. That’s why I’m excited to share our latest plans. Next week, we’ll be partnering with TEDxKibera in our first salon: TEDxChange @ TEDxKibera.

The TEDxKibera team has hosted more than 11 events within Nairobi’s Kibera slum in the last year, and the community they’ve developed is dynamic. We’ll be hearing from leaders in the community and discussing ideas about how all of us can get better about capturing and sharing progress, successes, and lessons learned.

The TEDxKibera team writes of the January 23 salon:

In this event, we’ll come together to explore the dynamism and potential of Kibera. First, we’ll hear short talks from people around the community. Then, we’ll engage in a candid discussion about what we all can do, individually and collectively, to highlight the important successes in communities like Kibera and inspire further work.

While the event won’t be livestreamed, we’re hoping to bring video from the event to you. And more important, the conversation will continue, around the world …