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My "Field Journal"

I spend my time thinking about layers of economic ecosystems. I study the layers of economies regulated by governments and compare them to other layers run by other competing groups. I am fascinated by how we transition between formal and informal economies and where we could improve our systems. I fundamentally believe that economies should exist to support communities. Most of all, I love studying informal economies to better understand where barriers to entry exist for workers and businesses, and to see where people create their own solutions to existing market demands or barriers. By day, I work for the TED Content team and by night I am a researcher working on systems economic models of informal economies. In my spare time I write about narcotics control, read everything I can find on the drug markets in Mexico and the US, and blog about immigration reform. I spoke at TEDGlobal 2014 in the TEDUniversity session and TEDxMunich 2014 about my research and field work in Mexico, India, and Colombia. I love bringing my different worlds together, tea, writing, designing surveys, playing with my datasets, black market trade routes, and Kandinsky.

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