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Browse TEDTalks in Boxee's elegantly simple interface.

Browse TEDTalks in Boxee's elegantly simple interface.

Boxee, the video player that puts web content into an intuitive TV-friendly interface, has built a cool new app just for TED. The TED App runs on the free Boxee downloadable player; and it’ll work on the upcoming Boxee Box, due in the US this November.

Using an elegant and simple interface developed by Boxee in collaboration with TED, users can surf TED’s full database of nearly 800 TEDTalks — browsing with a mouse or the soon-to-be-released Boxee Remote.

There are 3 steps to get started right now:

1. Visit boxee.tv and download the free Boxee player (now in beta for Mac, Windows and Linux; you can also play with the source code)

2. Open the Boxee player, go to the App Library, and find the TED App (see screenshot below)

3. Start browsing and building your playlist of TEDTalks

You can watch what’s new or browse by themes — such as Tales of Invention, A Greener Future, What’s Next in Tech, Master Storytellers — or by topic tags, such as Technology, Biology, Economics, Brain, Art. You can also choose talks based on length. Or simply hit the “Surprise Me” button!

“TED’s mission is to spread ideas, and the Boxee TED App brings TEDTalks into the living room in a really effective new way,” said June Cohen, Executive Producer of TED Media. “This collaboration with Boxee has allowed us to design, for the first time, a ’10-foot experience’ of watching TEDTalks. We think viewers are going to love the new navigation model, whether they’re using their mouse or the new Boxee remote.”

“TED is the quintessential example of the kind of web-only content that should be on TV,” says Avner Ronen, CEO & co-founder of Boxee. “We’re proud to be partnered with TED to help bring the amazing stories and ideas they share to the best screen in the house.”

The app is available today via the App Library on Boxee’s free, downloadable software.

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Find the TED App in Boxee's App Library

Find the TED App in Boxee's App Library