Brilliant, Larry

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A wonderful evening in Woodside last night with TED Prize Winner Dr Larry Brilliant and 100 TEDsters. He shared a little of his story, his involvement in the eradication of smallpox, and his current desire to do something about the risk of an avian flu pandemic.
He was simultaneously terrifying and inspiring, and provoked a remarkable conversation around his WISH TO CHANGE THE WORLD that the TED Prize has granted him.  He’s pondering ideas that could address the avian flu risk and/or other global public health issues.  If you have a suggestion — one that can tap powerfully into what the TED community can offer —  please email TED Prize Director Amy Novogratz,, and she will forward to Larry. The conversation that began last night will continue until TED06 in Monterey, when Larry will unveil his wish.

Thanks to Arch and Shelly Meredith, Matt Venuti, Kleiner Perkins, June Cohen, all who came out on a wet night, and especially to Larry for giving us an exciting preview of February…