Changing the World One Cookie at a Time

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Speaking of Malcolm Gladwell, I bumped into him at a story-telling fundraiser last night, and reminded him of the brilliant talk he gave at TED2004 about Howard Moskowitz and the search for perfect pasta Mattson_image1sauces.  Turns out that at the same conference he bumped into another TEDster who wanted to talk to him about cookies.  The result: another great story  that the New Yorker just released to the Internet, starring Steve Gundrum of Mattson (and his colleague Barb Stuckey, who joins in February for the first time).

You might think that a five-year obsession to create a new cookie is a little strange… except this is no ordinary cookie. It had to be both mass-market… and healthy: A hard problem; and one solved not so much by the wisdom of crowds, but a little individual inspiration.

If you have an interesting tale that sparked from a recent TED, please let me know…