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Dave Eggers, Stefan Sagmeister and Ryuichi Sakamoto reveal their favorite TED Talks

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TED Guest-Curated Playlists

TED Talks have now been viewed more than a billion times around the world. To celebrate this occasion, we reached out to 24 incredible talents in the areas of technology, entertainment and design, asking them create playlists of the talks that resonated most with them. Over the past three days, we’ve revealed about half of those lists, from superstars ranging from Bono to Isaac Mizrahi. Today we offer up new playlists from author Dave Eggers, designer Stefan Sagmeister and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Dave Eggers favorite TED Talks

After breaking onto the literary scene with his book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers established the non-profit 826 Valencia to encourage kids to flex their writing muscles. In his 2008 TED Prize speech, Eggers called for us all to engage with local public schools and students. Naturally, the talks that mean the most to him speak to this wish. Eggers explains, “The best TED talks make sense of complicated ideas and trends, and have an elegant simplicity to them — that’s why the talks only need to be 18 minutes long. It’s plenty of time to get across a clear and bold idea.” Head to the playlist section for Egger’s notes on four great talks >>

Stefan Sagmeister's favorite TED Talks

Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister is world-renowned for his ability to translate joy into creativity. And he is no stranger to TED, having given four of his own TEDTalks on topics ranging from the “Happiness by design” to “The power of time off.” As Sagmeister rounded up his favorite talks, giving us a glimpse of what sparks his imagination, he explained, “I find watching TED talks the most brilliant alternative to watching TV, especially with someone else while stopping and going and stopping and discussing it all.” Head to TED Playlists to watch his selections >>

Ryuichi Sakamoto's favorite TED Talks

Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto has fans all around the globe. Just as they would praise his compositions, Sakamoto gives immense credit to eight TED speakers. He says, “Each talk expresses a vision no one else can have. They’re a triumph of uniqueness and originality.”  Check out Ryuichi’s guest-curated playlist >>

And two bonus talks that Ryuichi would like to make sure you watch: Hiroshi Ishii’s talk from TEDxTokyo, “The last farewell” and Scott Rickard’s talk from TEDxMIA, “The beautiful math behind the ugliest music.”

On Monday, stay tuned TED Blog for new playlists from Damon Lindelof, Elif Shafak and Tim O’Reilly. Special thanks to Mashable and iTunes for helping us share these playlists with the world. Head to iTunes to download these lists as limited-edition podcasts and to Mashable to see their exclusive additional lists from tech superstars.

And as always, we want to hear about the talks you love. This week, tweet a favorite playlist — or the name of talk that deeply resonated with you — using the hashtag #topTED.